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Thessaloniki is a city with many faces and has countless stories to tell. The second largest city in Greece – the “co-capital” as the locals call it – received the title of “the best European city of the future for 2014” in terms of human resources and lifestyle according to Financial Times’ FDI magazine and “one of the 52 places to go in 2016” according to New York Times.

Our walking tour passes by glorious monuments, many of them featured by UNESCO as World Heritage sites, but also from places where the human adventure made what we now call history and forged the city’s cultural identity.

Wandering around time and places, we will discover a Roman forum, monumental constructions with a unique character such as the Rotunda, arches eager to flaunt military triumphs, palace ruins, medieval towers, modest Byzantine churches hiding rare treasures, and most of all, the sea, the streets and the legendary squares that are associated with major historical events.

Together we will embrace the city of poets and the city of social movements, and hopefully will end up feeling welcome and cozy in a city that once belonged almost equally to Jews, Greeks, Ottomans and refugees from Minor Asia just to name a few. Their coexistence left its indelible trace in culture, music, gastronomy, in every aspect of everyday life if you come to think of it.

The tasting of exquisite products, which reveal the complex identity of Thessaloniki’s cuisine complete this experiential encounter with the city, its inhabitants and their customs.

This program is not about visiting Thessaloniki but live it as the locals do!

The package includes:

  • Walking tour with English speaking guide

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