The footsteps of St Paul in Greece

A roundtrip based on the Letters of St Paul!
This program applies to groups

During his missionary journeys, Apostle Paul wrote 13 Letters that became the New Testament books. The letters were written in Greek, as it was the language of business, education, and for communication with foreigners.

Most of the St Paul’s Epistles were written to communities in Greece. A journey at the places where Apostle Paul had lived and preached is a unique pilgrimage.

The Altar of St Paul in Veria, the Cathedral and the Prison in Philippi, the ancient city of Corinth, the Aeropagus of Athens, the Churches of Thessaloniki reveal parts of Saint Paul’s life and work.

During this journey, Doucas Tours and Travel presents the ancient Greek and Byzantine history by visiting the most famous monuments of each era.

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