Outdoor activities in Northern Greece

From Mount Olympus to Kerkini Lake Wetland!
This program applies to groups

Northern Greece has hidden gems of natural beauty. Lakes and wetlands, forests and mountain peaks, waterfalls and thermal springs shaped in unique landscapes are waiting to be explored. Among the wonders of nature, the small traditional villages and the ancient Greek sites declare the sustainability of this part of Greece.

Doucas Tours and Travel organizes tours with outdoor activities where the history meets the legends and adrenaline balances with relaxation, such as:

  • Mount Olympus: It is the highest mountain in Greece (2.918 m). Mount Olympus was notable in Greek Mythology as the home of the Twelve Olympian Gods. It has been the first National Park of Greece, since 1938, and a World’s Biosphere Reserve. Olympus is the Holy Grail of the mountain-climbers.
  • Lake Kerkini: Its unique wetland has been declared as National Park according to RAMSAR Convention and it is one out of ten wetlands of International Importance of Greece. Kerkini is ideal for birdwatching.
  • Pozar hot springs: The area of the Pozar Baths is a natural sight, located in a green environment with plane trees and waterfalls. The visitors come to the baths to receive the beneficial properties of the curative waters (therapeutic – relaxing).

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